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Source:, 4.09.2004

The Article 72 of the Congolese constitution stipulates clearly that “anybody who is not a congolese of origin cannot stand as a presidential candidate. Ruberwa Manywa does not qualify to be a presidential candidate in Congo. As a matter of facts, Ruberwa came to Congo as an asylum seeker in the 1970s.

Ruberwa’s imposture came to light when Godelive Kapinga, a Congolese correspondent for the web site, filed an interview of a curious young Rwandan seeking political asylum in Congo with the backing of the UNHCR in Lubumbashi. After enjoying all the rights as a refugee in Congo, after enjoying Congo’s hospitality, even enrolling as a law student at the faculty of Law of the University of Lubumbashi, Ruberwa started practicing at a certain Diambu’s cabinet before joining Kagame in taking arms and invading Congo, his host country, looting, raping, and massacring more than 5 million Congolese, and then afterwards, thanks to the intercongolese dialogue, he becomes a vice president during the transition, imposed on the Congolese people by Britain, USA, Belgium and France.

We here publish the transcription of the interview that was accorded to Ruberwa when seeking asylum in Congo. It reveals the Ruberwa’s irrefutable Rwandan origins, but who now claims to be a Congolese, holding power the highest echelon of the state, at the same time working for Rwanda, his country of origin. The invasion of Bukavu in June 1994 is one of the concrete proofs that Ruberwa id acting as a Trojan Horse for Rwanda (and anglo-saxon interests) in Congo.

Marcelin Epie, a UNHCR protection officer from Ivory Coast, asked him:

Question: By which means did you come to Zaïre (now Democratic Republic of Congo).

Answer: I walked, then on the back of a lorry, and finally I caught a train to get here.

Question: What’s the reason why you are seeking political asylum?

Answer: Habyarimana is killing Tutsis and I am one of them. My who family was killed. That is why I am seeking political asylum.

[Yet, on 19.09.2004, Ruberwa announced the death of his father Ruhubazi on Congolese national television, claiming that he was born in 1928 in Lulimba in the Fizi territory, in South Kivu. Congolese autochtons of Lulimba, in the sector of Basikasilu-Ngandja, South Kivu who live in Kinshasa issued a communiqué in which they protested against the fact that Ruberwa used the name of their birth place as the birthplace of his father. This area is inhabited by the Basisonga, the Balilikwa, the Bachobola, the Basikilunga, the Bahindo, the basingoka, the Basilolonga and the Bahemba (not to be confused with the Hemba, living in Katanga). Since King Leopold’s Congo Free State, Lulimba has never hosted foreigners residing there, except colonial administrators. As far as we know, Ruberwa’s late father was never born in Lulimba and never lived there because there is no single trace of his existence there. His name is not featured in the sector’s archives, let alone any reference in our oral tradition (the communiqué was signed by Basikasuli Chief Mulela bantu and Senator Florentin Bahombwa Songambele, who originates form the area of Lulimba)].

Question: What can we do for you Ruberwa?

Answer: I want my protection and my security and I would like to continue with my studies.

Question: Are you married?

Answer: No. Not at the moment

Question: Do you know anybody in Lubumbashi?

Answer: No, I don’t know anybody here.

Question: Where are your luggage?

Answer: I don’t have any luggage.

Laurent Désiré Kabila, then spokesman for the AFDL that propelled him to power revealed on Belgian television in 1999 that most of so-called Congolese Tutsi who share power in Congo today are former Rwandan refugees who were imposed on him bu Museveni and Kagame. One of them Bizima Karaha became the minister of foreigh affairs in Congo.

“They had a political organisation exclusively Tutsi called ANP. The aim of the organisation was to acquire congolese nationality by stealth. I had to accept that organisation within the AFDL because that is the condition Museveni and Kagame imposed on Congolese nationalists before they could allow arms to be transited via their country, the arms we needed to overthrow Mobutu. But they confiscated most of the arms we got from outside,” said Laurent Désiré Kabila.

If the Congolese Constitution stipulates that everyone whose parents were found on the Congolese soil on the day of independence is de facto, a congolese, this does not apply to Tutsi refugees who have now taken arms against their host country. They came in the late 1970s as this letter of UNHCR proves:


Dear Rwandese Refugees,

You are isolated at this moment. Bridges have been destroyed and there are barricades on the road. For this reason, we cannot be with you. However, we hope that soon there will be peace and tranquility in your region.

In the meantime, we are asking you to remain TOTALLY NEUTRAL .You have been given asylum in the Congo on condition that you completely abstain from politics. If anyone comes to seek your support, tell him that as foreigners, refugees and guests of the Republic of Congo, you cannot and YOU MUST NOT take part int any political movement.

Be calm. Keep on working as you have done in the past and follow your Agricultural Advisor. Let everyone remain at his/her station, but above all, stay away from politics.

Red Cross Representative

UNHCR Representative

United Nations in Congo (ONUC) Administrator.

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