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Si vous ne connaissez pas vraiment Joseph Kabila, l’homme et sa vision lisez le message suivant: + Dans une interview à Jeune Afrique : Voici les vérités crues de Joseph Kabila !
Le FRONACORDE - NKOLO MBOKA: un nouveau mouvement des masses pour le Congo.

Adherez-y massivement!

Conférence Internationale sur la Région des Grands Lacs: Lettre ouverte à tous mes compatriotes Congolais.

Le Président Joseph Kabila se prononce sur toutes les questions de l'heure. Neamoins, il est estimé que l'époque des dons présidentiels toujours détournés doit être révolue:
La privatisation du Congo s'accèlere:

Les princes du mobutisme et l’avenir de notre pays, commentaire critique de Kâ Mana

Kengo wa Dondo doit répondre aux crimes suivants:
L'implantation militaire des puissances occidentales sur le continent africain pour controler les matières prémières, une réalité évidente! La RDC ne deviendra jamais le pion américain dans la Région des Grands Lacs.

De la Françafrique à la Mafiafrique: François-Xavier Verschave. Entretien avec Enrico Porsia.

George Forrest répond à Global Witness:
Les Deux "Non" de Mzee Kabila:

Evaluation du projet de Constitution

Bilan de la transition ~ Transition assessment
Nationalisme, Culture & Society.

Ainsi Parla Patrice Lumumba:

Le combat révolutionaire de Pierre Mulele

Video Choc: Assassinat barbare, sauvage et terroriste de Patrice Lumumba!

VIDEO SHOCK: Watch Patrice Lumumba's savage and terrorist assassination here!

VIDEO SHOCK: La terreur du Roi Léopold II - King Leopold's terror in Congo. Watch it here!

Hommage à un veritable révolutionaire Lumumbiste: Léopold Amisi Soumialot parle de son défunt père, Gaston Soumialot.

Video: Ecoutez la voix de Gaston Soumialot ici.

Video: Le film réalisé par Jihal El Tahri et intitulé "L'Afrique en Morceaux: La tragédie des pays de la Région des Grands Lacs" desormais discrédité.

Regardez-le ici!

Video: Mobutu ou les 32 ans de démagogie, de kléptocratie, de terreur et de prédation! Film réalisé par Thierry Michel

Regardez-le ici! Mais attention! Ce film contient des mensonges, surtout à propos de Lumumba!

Congo at the ICJ ~ Verdict de la CPI
Horribles Photos du genocide au Congo: sickening photos of the genocide of the Congolese people committed by Rwandans, Ugandans and Burundians, backed by Western superpowers and multinationals.

Museveni's lies do not hold water with anybody anymore, not even in high places in Europe and America!

Truth catches up with liar Museveni. Joseph Kony (seen here on the left) is not in Congo Garamba Park (even the UN Mission in Congo has withdrawn from the park aftr sighting no Kony) after all as lame duck genocidist president Museveni had his donnors believe. Kony is in South Sudan. Who will believe the Tutsi Rwandan-born Museveni, "the Bismarck of Africa", who has been fighting Kony for the last 22 good years?

"DR Congo cannot continue to habour LRA militias bent on destabilising Uganda and also remain a member of the United Nations Assembly.The only problem we (the region) are remaining with is Congo. Congo should disassociate themselves from these killers. This is not a favour, it is an obligation under the international law," Museveni told about 33 foreign diplomats accredited to Uganda during a recent tour in Luweero (where Museveni killed people like flies) and Nakaseke districts.

Not only did Joseph Kony, the rarely-seen head of Uganda's feared rebel Lord's Resistance Army, appear in a DVD to call for an end to a 20-year war, appearing with the vice-president of southern Sudan's autonomous government, which has offered to mediate, but we also learn that the Mouvement Revolutionaire Congolais (MRC), a terrorist Congolese militia founded,financed and trained by Museveni to continue the killing, raping and looting for Museveni in Ituri, eastern Congo, is holding six Nepalese Blue Helmets of the UN Mission in Congo hostage and asking for a $20,000 ransom. But a UN spokesman for the UN mission in DR Congo (Monuc) told the BBC's Focus on Africa programme that the UN troops had been trying to disarm members of the Nationalist and Integrationist Front (FNI), led by Peter Karim, when the seven peacekeepers went missing. The UN Mission in Congo is "in negotiation" with them and if paid, the money will go to Museveni's pockets.

In the recording, Mr Kony is seen taking $20,000 in cash from Riek Machar, the vice-president of the Southern People's Liberation Movement/Army.

Mr Machar says the money is to halt rebel attacks in southern Sudan and is not to be used for weapons.

Mr Kony accepts Mr Machar's offer of mediation and says he has "no problem" with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

"It is really possible we can end this war," Mr Kony says.

But he says he is unconvinced by Mr Museveni's desire for peace.

"If we talk to Museveni, it will take three days before he comes and attacks us," he says.

Mr Kony adds: "Most people do not know me... I am not a terrorist... I am a human being, I want peace also."

The former altar boy and self-proclaimed mystic, who has said he wants to run Uganda along the lines of the biblical Ten Commandments, agrees to end attacks in southern Sudan.

"There will be no exchange of fire between our people and your people... we are all brothers, we are all Christians, we are all blacks, we are all Africans."

Mr Kony and four other LRA commanders are wanted by The Hague criminal court.

Mr Museveni said he would guarantee Mr Kony's safety if peace talks were agreed by the end of July.

At the same time, Museveni continue to arm Congolese militia, responsible for terrorist activities, killing, raping and looting in Ituri, eastern Congo and offers passports to the leaders of FDLR, a remnant of the Hutu army prior to the genocide, to travel freely. At the same time, Museveni and Kagame, the two Tutsi brothers in arms turn around and accuse Congo of harbouring both the LRA and the FDLR. But they occupied Congo for six years, killing five million Congolese, raping, spreading HIV so much so that 60% of women in former occupied territories of eastern Congo are infected with HIV; lootng Congo's mineral and natural wealth and not dislogding their repsective rebels.

Just now, a Reuters report says seven Nepalese U.N. peacekeepers have been captured in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo by militia fighters who are demanding a ransom for their release, U.N. and Congolese sources said on Monday.

The soldiers were seized during a U.N. military operation in Congo's violence-prone Ituri district on Sunday in which one other peacekeeper from Nepal was killed and three wounded.

The incident showed that the 17,000-strong U.N. peacekeeping mission in Congo -- the biggest in the world -- was still struggling to pacify parts of the vast central African country ahead of historic elections scheduled to be held on July 30.

It came as the United Nations celebrated Peacekeeping Day on Monday to mark the efforts of its blue-helmeted peacekeepers in trouble spots across the globe.

"We do have seven soldiers who are unaccounted for and we are continuing our efforts on the ground to try and determine their fate," said Kemal Saiki, spokesman for the U.N. mission in Congo.

U.N. and Congolese sources, who asked not to be named, said the missing Nepalese were being held by militia fighters in Ituri and U.N. officials were establishing contact with their captors to try to negotiate their release.

"We understand these people have been taken and there are talks going on," a U.N. source told Reuters.

A Congolese source who has contacts with the rebels said the missing Nepalese were being held by fighters led by militia chief Peter Karim.

"Peter Karim is holding these men and he is demanding money for their release. We are hearing of a figure of $20,000 for each peacekeeper," the source told Reuters.

It is pretty much sure that, if paid, the money will go to Museveni's pockets.

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