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Le FRONACORDE - NKOLO MBOKA: un nouveau mouvement des masses pour le Congo.

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Conférence Internationale sur la Région des Grands Lacs: Lettre ouverte à tous mes compatriotes Congolais.

Le Président Joseph Kabila se prononce sur toutes les questions de l'heure. Neamoins, il est estimé que l'époque des dons présidentiels toujours détournés doit être révolue:
La privatisation du Congo s'accèlere:

Les princes du mobutisme et l’avenir de notre pays, commentaire critique de Kâ Mana

L'implantation militaire des puissances occidentales sur le continent africain pour controler les matières prémières, une réalité évidente!

De la Françafrique à la Mafiafrique: François-Xavier Verschave. Entretien avec Enrico Porsia.

George Forrest répond à Global Witness:
Les Deux "Non" de Mzee Kabila:

Evaluation du projet de Constitution

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Le combat révolutionaire de Pierre Mulele

Video Choc: Assassinat barbare, sauvage et terroriste de Patrice Lumumba!

VIDEO SHOCK: Watch Patrice Lumumba's savage and terrorist assassination here!

VIDEO SHOCK: La terreur du Roi Léopold II - King Leopold's terror in Congo. Watch it here!

Hommage à un veritable révolutionaire Lumumbiste: Léopold Amisi Soumialot parle de son défunt père, Gaston Soumialot.

Video: Ecoutez la voix de Gaston Soumialot ici.

Video: Le film réalisé par Jihal El Tahri et intitulé "L'Afrique en Morceaux: La tragédie des pays de la Région des Grands Lacs" desormais discrédité.

Regardez-le ici!

Video: Mobutu ou les 32 ans de démagogie, de kléptocratie, de terreur et de prédation! Film réalisé par Thierry Michel

Regardez-le ici! Mais attention! Ce film contient des mensonges, surtout à propos de Lumumba!

Congo at the ICJ ~ Verdict de la CPI
Bilan de la transition ~ Transition assessment
Horribles Photos du genocide au Congo: sickening photos of the genocide of the Congolese people committed by Rwandans, Ugandans and Burundians, backed by Western superpowers and multinationals.

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***Hello Antoine!

I was given some information in the street this evening about The Congo Panorama. I have spent the evening on your website. The recent attacks in London have brought the horrors of the world into a bigger perspective for me. It is so very easy to forget. I wanted to say thank you to your colleague who stopped me and gave me the info.

I also wanted to say that I think it is utterly horrific that the world has ignored/ not taken appropraite action/ not asked the correct questions of what is happening in DRC. Despite my close attention to the news, I was shocked and greatly saddened by what I discovered on your site. Best wishes for your making all aware of what is going on.

In what way can someone like me make a difference? By telling people? I don't know what my part can be?
Beatrice Curnew

***Hi Antoine,

I read your article entitled 'keeping the Congo bleeding' and admired your proactive approach to making people aware of the tradegy going on right under our noses.

If it was not for you handing these articles out, I would not have any idea about what was really going on behind the surface.

I am currently in the process of developing an international network of artists, musicians and writers perform and display their works at various events on these kind of issues. I would like to invite you to participate by contributing a piece of your writing which could potentially be the theme for one event.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Georgina Orwill, Rhythm web_ster

***Hello Antoine,

I had a look on your web site and I found it very interesting even if the pictures are really unpleasant to look at ....

I wish you all the best for the future with your work and I will try to keep inform login on your web site from time to time with the update.

Kind Regards

Elodie Negrinotti


Thank you for forward to me once again your website, demonstrating an excellent piece of work and writing.

Please keep it up and let's link sometimes in the near future. There are lots of things we share or have in common. Contact the one you know or familiar with locally.



1. Hello Brother Lokongo

Thank you for the article. I am most interested in knowing this information and want to help in anyway I can. I am particularly interested in investigating the multi-national companies that are there for whom mainly these atrocities are taking place. It is the west and its venomous interest that is always first and foremost in their international relations with nations. Noam Chomsky, in his book 'Understanding Power' wrote, "The internal documentary record in the United States goes way back and it says the same thing over and over again. Here's virtually a quote: The main commitment of the United States , internationally in the Third World, must be to prevent the rise of nationalist regimes which are responsive to pressures from the masses of the population for improvement in low living standards and diversification of production; the reason is, we have to maintain a climate that is conducive to investment, and to ensure conditions which allow for adequate repatriation of profits to the West".

It saddens me to know that the old western art of divide and conquer is still alive and well in the Congo to this very day. As if the minds of the people are being continually eased of all historical evidence. It was again confirmed as I read your article with its number of factions that are involved in the Congo. Having so many different factions is confusing and works very well for those who are the real benefactors. For the outside world, and in particular the much asleep African-Americans, will be totally confused by this variation of political and military factions and often give up being involved due to such confusion.

However, my brother Lokongo, please keep me informed that I may be of some assistance of bringing the knowledge of these atrocities to all that I can. And if it is at all possible, please provide me a list of those multi-national companies which I will try my very best to expose on this side of the world. Also I want to help aid in the continuation of your website in order to bring such information to the consciousness of the people.

It has been too long now that Africa has suffered from the many forms of cancer of colonialism. The utilization of its resources for the development of its economies and the stabilization of its government is there for the taking if only we seize the opportunity to sacrifice. As a people we have not been willing to make the sacrifice needed to rid ourselves of such a vicious prey. We have continued to let the few great African leaders amongst us be removed from their post as leaders. With their removal goes the inspirations and revolutionary ideals for a conscious reunion as an African people supportive of each other.

Let us somehow expose those African leaders who are corrupt stooges of the west. Stooges who help spins the cycles of colonialism that renders Africa and its people in a tail spin. Let us stand with those leaders who are courageous and willing to standup for what are the mere principles of right and justice.

The day when Africa becomes united unto itself even within the confines of each imaginary border is a day when Africa reclaims its own destiny among the nations of the world. Let us join together to do whatever we can bring this day into a realization.

Your Brother in Cause

Talib Ray

2.Dear Antoine,

We met at the Zimbabwe conference in London recently. Coming from Sweden myself I find it very interesting, but not surprising. It was good that people like you and some others were giving a different picture about what is going on in Africa and Zimbabwe. Is it possible, by the way, to have a copy of your speech. I would very much appreciate that. Thanks for sending me the email with your web site. It is interesting. What is going on in your country should certainly need a lot of attention. I will do what I can to spread whatever information is there.

Kerstin Björnheden.

3.Dear Antoine,

Thanks for bringing to my attention the existence of Congopanorama which I am creating a link to in Radio Rhino International- Africa's website.



4.Dear Antoine,

I do not have as much experience as you, however, I do have a serious Passion for the progression of my country without it having to give away its resources in return for patronising hand-outs. HOWEVER, (and maybe this is naive) it seems that some aspects of “Le Congo aux Congolais” are what got us deeper into the mess in which we find ourselves. I want to help, just don't know where to start. We need to stop looking outside ourselves. You are right when you say that we need to sort out our house and stop letting ourselves be kept down. But I have seen MANY examples of us Congolese letting ourselves down and keeping ourselves down without any help from outside. I believe that yes, we are the terrible a certain extent. ONLY to a certain extent though. maybe I am naive, but that is the way I think.
Nadine Lucy

Response: Nadine, It is good for you to re-read our history.

4. Dear Mr Lokongo,

Having recently spent some time in Kinshasa and the rest of the country it is clear, that despite any of the figures being put out by the World Bank, there is little real stability, there is little hope for fair and free elections, there is endemic corruption and the central government has almost no control outside Kinshasa. Under these conditions do you really think any serious foreign investor will come and risk his or her money. There are many other places where the investment climate is a lot more attractive. Under the present conditions the only parties willing to invest would be those requiring/expecting the kind of return of investment which many would classify as looting. Foreign investors are not going to solve the DRC's problems. If anybody will it will be the Congolese people.


5.Dear sir,

In September I attended the Europen Social Forum. On my way out of Alexander Palace you stopped me and asked me to look at some writing that you had with you about your campaign for the Democratic Republic of Congo. You had run out of copies and so could not give me one but you suggested that I check your web site which I have done. I just wanted to let you know how interesting I have found it . There is so little information in our Media here about African apart from the occasional focus on a disaster.

I have been educating myself about international affairs and know that our media here, including and even especially the BBC, is mostly a tool of the global establishment . consequently I am very wary of the things that we are being told here about Zimbabwe. I feel that the UKs response to the current cricket tour is shamelessly hypocritical... and that really the only reason so much emphasis is being placed on Zimbabwe is because of the "White Farmers" issue. I wonder if you could direct me to a source of information about Zimbabwe, as seen from the point of view of the majority of Zimbabweans , and also from the point of view of its national neighbours.

Thank you so much for beginning to open my eyes to the enormous subject of your continent.

Yours sincerely,
Jane Wilson

6. Antoine,

I have checked out the website and it was good. I have passed details on to members on Uganda net groups.


7. Dear Lokongo,
This is an impressive web site. Only if you could warn people about the pictures. It shocking to see that such a thing is taking place in Congo today!


8. Dear Lokongo,
These images are indeed extremely shocking and upsetting. Rest assured that we will continue to work to prevent and stem funds that contribute to these kind of atrocities.

Kind regards,
Global Witness

9. Hi Antoine,

I do hope your campaign is getting stronger. I did copy this to people I know. I am interested and would like more information but finding time when I work full time and have a family I find that time is my most precious commodity. If you need letters sent to Prime Minister, Foreign Office, media watch etc just advise me on the situation, relevant addresses etc and I will be happy to send letters during my lunch times to help in some way, I do hope your campaign grows from strength to strength and I thank you for starting the campaign up.

Do send me information on the situation when you have it.

Sending you best wishes


10. Pse send me information. Read about your organisation in 'Women for Socialism', July2002 Anne Johnson

I encountered information on The Congo Solidarity Campaign on the web yesterday. I am very interested in this movement. Thank you for replying so promptly.

Anne Johnson

11. Dear Lokongo Bafalikike, I don’t know what I did with your address and I want to send something towards your Congo Solidarity Campaign. You mention me writing about Belgium's involvement in the region ....I will do the best I can. I've been away just return from Guyana, South America. Keep me informed as to new developments in your beloved country. Sorry I couldn’t send money sooner, what I had ,I had to use on my journey to Guyana.

Sincerely, Edwin

12. Dear Antoine,

Thank you for your email and the copy of your recent presentation on the launching of the Congo Solidarity Campaign.

The major imperialist powers treat the world as if it is their right to decide the fate of millions of people. The break up of Yugoslavia was deliberate and the interventions in Africa and the Middle East likewise serve their needs. As will the eventual intervention in the countries of the old Soviet Union.

Yet there is a massive movement developing worldwide in opposition to this.

I know some people who work in Africa and I am sure they would be interested in receiving a copy of your speech. Do I have your permission to forward your email on to them? I am sure they will be interested in the formation of the Congo Solidarity Campaign and may have their own comments to make.

I look forward to meeting up with you again soon.

Fraternal greetings

Ian Johnson.

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